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          Ice creams are the king of all desserts as many ice-cream fans would like it to be called and if it is made of the exotic durian fruit then you must try it in your life at least once. The mao shan wang ice cream is made with a lot of care and attention that you will like to have it all day long during the scorching summer months.

  • If you are from Singapore and you want to have the dessert you can have it delivered right to your address and you need not step outside the house.
  • This is made of the best quality ripe durian fruit and the price and the packaging is available on the webpage.
  • Each pack comes in a 100 ml packing which you can store in your freezer for various desserts or even breakfast such as sandwiches or on toast to make it an innovative meal plan.
  • You can use it as a basic ingredient and make pan cakes of the durian flavor and enjoy them with the family and friends at all times.
  • All you need to do is to think different and make the most of the basic ice cream.
  • Eating the fruit might not be options always so on such occasions the mao shan wang ice cream is what you should try. You can order online and the quantity you need will be delivered to your door on the same day.

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