All You Need To Know About Table Tennis Bat

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Table Tennis bats can be purchased by you readymade or customized. One of the well-liked matches played all over the globe is table tennis, also known as ping pong. You may read more about the characteristics of a table tennis bat, rubber, spin, and ball on this reference page.


Table tennis bats are yet another name for table tennis rackets. Readymade Table tennis bat is often used by beginners or by occasional table tennis players.Customized Table Tennis bat is purchased by professional people who play for competitive games.

All businesses, including Butterfly, Stiga, Stag, GKI, & Tibhar, have rackets available for use. Depending upon the game, one must purchase the natural rubber and ply individually if they want a personalized racket. Prepared rackets from a reputable company typically cost between Rs. 500 to Rs. 5000. There is no such cap for a racket that is modifiable.

Table Tennis rackets should be chosen upon the nature of the game.

  • Defensive bats
  • Offensive Racket

Defensive TT rackets prevent the application of spin toward the ball. The sort of spin applied to the ball by your opponent is reversed by defensive TT bats. Defensive table tennis rackets come in two different varieties. They have long pips and thus are antispin.

Soft sponge covers the slippery surface on antispin ping pong rackets. Antispin ping pong rackets cannot produce spin on the TT ball.


To increase gripping on the TT ball, attacking TT rackets feature enhanced spin and accuracy hitting. Attacking table tennis rackets come in two varieties. They are pips out now and inverted.

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