An Introduction for Setting Up the Star Ceiling in Your Home

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A star type ceiling is the innovative illumination effect, which allows you to create the star like illusion on your ceiling. Such effect can be achieved by the use of the fiber optic strands, which glow at an end-it is an end visible on the ceiling surface. And when hundreds of fiber optic strands get assembled in the random pattern on your ceiling, they will resemble an effect made by the twinkling stars.

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Make Sure You Get the Right Effect

Such types of ceilings are in style today, they lend an aesthetic appeal to the bedroom, nursery, recreational area, mini home theatre, and more. Before this star ceiling theme became famous in houses all over the world, the illumination effects were actually used in cancer treatment centers, hospices, amusement parks, casinos, auditoriums, conference arenas, and entrance ways. Actually, this effect can be created on the walls and floors, and not just on ceilings.

How can they be installed?

Typical installation procedure starts with deciding the right density of star-field glow on the selected ceiling. Customer can put their request to the designer to include the constellation patterns in a star-field effect. Suppose your ceiling is small, then these effects are not recognizable. Thus, constellation effect is incorporated best in the large or high ceilings.

It’s very important that the stars are installed at the random fashion that will resemble the night sky, which has many dark spots. In order, to achieve such effect, installers generally install 3 to 4 stars for every square inch. The number can then be increased as per the individual tastes & preferences.

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