Appendicectomy – The surgery and techniques

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The removal of the vermiform appendix in the body by medical surgery is known as appendisectomy. Through development of the body, the vermiform-appendix has dropped its performance and is a vestigial appendage. It is attached. In a nutshell, the appendix lies between the small intestine and the big. It is a projection within the body. Occasionally an inflammation may occur and lead to appendicitis.

Acute appendicitis is treated by removal of the appendix by appendisectomy known as appendectomy or appendisectomy. This procedure is performed on the individual in an emergency condition. In an acute condition, the appendix might cause severe pain, vomiting, fever and upset bowels. In an appendicitis condition the individual can suffer from a Circulatory Shock. This is a life threatening problem in which body cells face lack of blood supply. The appendix may commence irregularities and might cause the rupture.

appendix treatment

Besides surgery therapy is offered occasionally when a procedure cannot be performed. Then there is a chance of Systematic Inflammatory Response Syndrome, if such a precaution is not taken. The whole-body may start to reach an inflammatory-state and consequently fatality is possible.

The two ways in are:

  • Open surgery
  • Laparoscopy

In an open surgery an incision is made at the lower portion of the gut and the cells are removed. This is sometimes followed by washing the area with sterile liquid to prevent pus or infection. The skin and layers are sewed back together. An appendix treatment in Singapore on the other hand is a method that leaves no scars that are significant. Small cuts performance and a camera – tools are inserted. The surgeon views the images on the display when operating.

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