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Are you on the lookout for a Massage Therapist In St. Louis Park, MN? Are you interested in the advantages it provides and are you aware of them? If you’re in this circumstance, a morning of relaxation or continued massage therapy at Hand & Stone in St. Louis Park, NM, will be a smart choice.

About hand and stoneĀ 

Hand & Stone is happy to provide professional massage services for a variety of massage kinds. Learn more about the many types of massages we perform and how they can help you with certain problems. Our professional professionals will still have you feeling a little better whether you just want a day of refreshment from everyday worries or have a specific condition or pain that can be treated with massage. A unique massage is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Because our dedicated, skilled massage therapists are devoted to the excellence of their trade, each session at Hand & Stone is unique. Clients in need of calming massage therapy need not search any further; we’re here to help.

Types of massage

  1. Swedish

Long, flowing strokes of the muscles and tissues are used in Swedish massage, with pressure ranging from light to mild to firm. The pressure will be adjusted by your massage therapists based on your sensibility and preference.

  1. Deep Tissue Massage

Slow, deep-directed strokes and strong pressure are used in this technique to release severe tension and get below the muscle tissue. Deep Tissue Bodywork is frequently prescribed for people who have chronic pain and discomfort in both major and tiny muscle groups.

  1. Sports

Hand & StoneĀ  Massage Therapist In St. Louis Park, MN are beneficial whether you’re recovering from an injury, practicing for an event planned, or attempting to get your mind in the greatest form possible.

  1. hot stone

Our distinctive Hot Stone Massage is a type of sports massage that incorporates heated stones into the same principles as Swedish Massage, resulting in deep relaxation. Individuals with fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis or other severe pain should take this supplement.

  1. Trigger Point

To prevent muscle soreness and spasms, this massage applies concentrated finger stimulation on each trigger point.

  1. Prenatal

A caring massage that concentrates on the specific requirements of expectant mothers. Positions, pillows, and mattresses are utilized to improve body and mind support, reduce pressure, and boost relaxation.


So get started with massage therapy right away and enjoy the amazing massaging sensation that your favorite option has to offer.

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