Different levels of Hospice care

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For any medical issue, we would like to take advice from the experts. For example, before childbirth, the parents attended classes to understand what challenges they will be facing at the pregnancy phase and how to take care of eth infant? In the same way when a person is suffering from a life shorting illness then they is givenĀ home hospice care singapore. It is the type of care that thinks about all the different needs of a patient like spiritual, physical, and others. It is very important to understand the different levels of hospice care.

  • Hospice care at home: Once any patient prefers hospice care at home then they will get complete care on their routine by helping them to get more comfort and quality life as much as doable. The routine work includes managing the pain and the symptoms, giving counseling to the family and patients both emotionally and spiritually, therapy is provided if required, and nutritional advice.
  • Continues hospice care: it is a condition where the patient needs a caretaker’s attention twenty-four by seven. In this case, only family members’ care may not be sufficient so they step back and allow the take care to do the needful.
  • Inpatient hospice care: This is the stage when a patient’s condition cannot be handled by making him stay at home. At that time they get them to the inpatient hospice care center where the patient is treated in such a way that they can return home but in case the patient and their family feels staying at inpatient is better for the patient than the final days of the patient can spend in inpatient hospice care with family members.
  • Respite care: Respite care is an option provided to the home hospice care patients in which the family members can take some break and the patient can stay in respite care for a short time.


Hope this information will help you to understand the different level of hospice care.

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