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The fashion world has been through several evolutionary phases and has reached a spot which has touched the peak especially in the Thailand region. You can see that the brand caters to several areas of the market segments. One such area is the street designs which is focused towards the comfort wear or otherwise which is called as the comfort wear. Even the comfort wear pr lounge wear has also become very fashionable and many designers have out to bring out these unique models. The main reason for the success of street fashion thai is top reiterate the idea.


The fashion brand has several other accessories that are other than clothing or garments. They include eye wear or eye gear such as the sun glasses that have come out several models and they cater to a vast majority of the market and they are in several colors that appeal to all age groups. The sun glasses are an important accessory when it comes to street fashion as it enhances the look and adds to the protection of the eyes as well. They are in fact functional in their performance as well.

Most wanted:

Among the different classes of garments and fashion accessories, there are pieces such as the footwear which are aimed towards the summer months and they are made in light weight material and are easy to wear and carry over for a longer time when you have to be on your feet the whole day long. As they are highly functional they have become the most wanted gear for the season.

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