Four Amazing Design Courses to Learn From Skillshare

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With over three million subscribers and 18000 and above tutorials, is an online portal where expert minds share their experience in their respective fields for budding artists to learn from.

Think of this site like the Netflix of online tutorials, when you subscribe to you unlock loads of potential and knowledge from minds all over the world in various topics like design, architecture, mechanics, photography, marketing, food etc.

Skillshare is famous for their design and creative based classes, with professionals sharing their expertise from all over the world. Listed below are top 4 designers you should sign up for if you are an aspiring artist:

  1. Logo design with Draplin:

In this tutorial, designer Aaron Daplin shares his secret to mastering shapes, color, and design when it comes to design and animation. Daplin’s class has a runtime of 70 minutes and you will have an opportunity of going behind the scene and watch how he creates a logo for his family crest. He provides shortcuts on AfterEffects and also how you can get work done in a hyper-effective manner. This is a perfect class for aspiring designers and creators and anybody who just wants to see a master at work.

  1. Smart responsive UX design:

Vitaly Friedman teaches you tricks and tips that you can use when dealing with a responsive user interface. His class lasts for 90 minutes and he walks us through practical techniques and ingenious tricks and strategies so that users can step up their game on the web.  He does not offer any kind of fluff or theories just practical knowledge on what works and what does not.

  1. Simple character animation:

Davidson will walk you through the process of bringing your illustration to life in this step by step class that has a run time of 70 minutes, here you will learn to rig a character and then finally exports it as a GIF. You will learn about key frame velocity, shape layers, and paths.

  1. Mastering Illustrator

Dan Kuhlken and Nathan Goldman guide you with their expert opinions on how to speed up your design process with a 40-minute runtime video. Their class covers everything from complex visual patterns to simple keyboard shortcuts.

So, what are waiting for? Go ahead and sign up on HTTPS:// and explore the endless possibilities and knowledge that the sight has to offer.

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