General Liability Insurance: Diving Deep Into It

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Any business operation can go through facing situations where it may require the help of claims. For example, when you face a car accident due to a certain reason, you may require an insurance cover to pay for the bills involved in repairing the damages. An insurance cover can be given to a person based on their credit history, age, occupation, location, etc. When you go for a general liability insurance coverage, the factors considered are the number of employees in an organization, the business’s credibility, business nature, plan’s features, size of business, claims record history, the limit of the coverage, etc.

Things Covered In General Liability Insurance

A few of the things covered in general liability insurance for businesses are

  • Third-party property damages- If you or your employees work at some client’s house, then there can be property damage in your business. Liability coverage for your property damage can aid in covering replacement or repair costs. This helps if your company or business harms someone else’s property items or belongings.
  • Third-party bodily injury- If your customer is injured after falling or slipping in your store, they can affect the functioning of your business. To pay for the medical bills of a customer, you can offer them general liability insurance.
  • Advertising injury- If by chance you end up using a photograph of a photographer in your advertising of the business, then you can face the charges of been sued. To avoid this, you need to have general liability insurance.
  • Reputational harm- Your business’ reputation can be at stake if people stand up against your business due to misconduct of your employee with them. To take a stand in favour of your business, you need an amount to cover up legal costs. General liability insurance can be really helpful in such scenarios.

Benefits Of Insurance Policies

Things Not Covered In A General Liability Insurance

A few of the things that are not covered in general liability insurance is

  • If damage occurs to your business property. In this case, commercial property insurance can play a major role to cover those damages.
  • Any injuries caused to employees due to work cannot be covered under this insurance cover as well.


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