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Ostentatious, daring and strong medieval gothic and antique Skull Rings aren’t for the timid. Designed from the pure sterling silver, the Skull Ring is sure to scare anyone, shock your parents or shock your girlfriend! Wearing skull jewelry emits an ultimate style statement of independence, daredevilness, power and anti-conformism. No wonder there is not anysymbols so popular and look so radicalon.

Androgenous sign

One common misconception about the skull jewelry is only men find these designs very appealing. Whereas that may be true before, but, it is a complete myth now. Nowadays, skulls appeal to male and female genders both. What defines your like and dislike for the gothic jewelry is your personality and not the gender.

For female audiences, feminine skull jewelries are crafted by the designers. Slimmer and softer toned skull patterns with smaller and colored eyes have also gained popularity amongst the women because of their natural and simple compatibility with all kinds of clothing. Often eyes come in pink, blue, green and cubic zirconia. It isn’t a trend that female who treasure excitement and enjoy living at an edge attracts handsome and attractive males easily than timid and skittish little ladies.

Skull Jewelry

More Than Only Rings

Besides traditional silver skull ring, the skull designs have now found the way on a wide range of jewelry, like bracelets, pendants, earrings, dog tags, and anklets. Even though such type isn’t something you find it suitable for the normal work wear, and adding some skulls to your unremarkable range of classic jewelry will be the most brilliant and great idea. They are the most stylish and classy Halloween accessories and important for an entry to the popular hard rock & gothic metal concerts. Obviously, they will lend you a badass image that you want to blend for your visit to an underground side of a city. No matter you spend your time on motorcycle or behind the corporate desk, wearing badass skull jewelry some time will remind you about the fearlessness & nostalgic sense of power and rebellion that you are born with.

No matter whether it is skull bracelets, pendants, rings, dog tags or earrings you look, we have just the perfect skull jewelry available for your requirements and for a look that you want to create.

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