Have you heard about the shincheonji church?

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The church basically follows the bible and wants people to understand every concept of it. they choose those people who have good knowledge about the bible so that they can understand easily. The beautiful place is known as “New Heaven and New Earth”. You can also know more about the church on shincheonji Reddit where you will find many articles. The church name is often abbreviated as “SCJ” and it is located outside of Korea. Many people ask that it is a cult or not so that they can know more about the church. As it is different from other churches.

South Korea church- Understand the real facts

Is it a cult?

Many people think this first thing when they hear about this church. So basically cult is a religion regarded as unorthodox and it’s true that the church doesn’t follow the doctrines practices of other Christian churches. So that’s the main reason people think that it is the most unorthodox but their practices, everything they do is based on the Bible. So what do you think is this wrong? Following all the things related to the bible is unorthodox? The answer is no, following the Bible is not unorthodox and for getting more knowledge about this then check Shincheonji Reddit. The Christian belief in the Bible like other religions follows their own holy books.

What do you think about shincheonji?

Is the church dangerous for others as people think that they are unorthodox? Or they follow different practices but they all are based on the Bible. The church basically wants to carry out faith in which many people are involved to do this. As the same in other churches many people you will see they want to devote their lives to the church and many others who are just going with the flow.

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