Have you tried ZK iFACE302 time attendance system?

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We all know that having a time attendance system is so crucial in many companies. This system helps them to know who is entering their company and who is not. By using cards, different PINs, or face recognition features. These types of systems are also used in medium stores to take care of their products. And if you want to get the best attendance system then visit the huntaway security website.

You can also contact them by visiting the site 

On the huntaway site, there is an option for contacting them. You have to enter your name, phone number, email ID, you can choose the CCTV system according to your preference. And write about any inquiry if you have and if you were not able to contact them and submit it.

About ZK iFACE302 attendance system

This fantastic attendance system is best for those people who want to have face recognition, fingerprint reader feature, and card reader option as well. It has a face capacity of up to 400 and fingerprint 2000. And there will be no wear and tear with the system. And you will get a faster recognition speed which takes up to 1 second. If you want to know more about this time attendance system then it will be recommended to visit their site and check their catalog. The prize will be around $1500, and you will never get into any trouble if you prefer this system.

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