How To Plan A Strong And Effective Social Media Strategy For Instagram Likes And Followers?

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The world that we are living in right now generates a lot of money through social media platforms. Influencers or business entrepreneurs with less than 10,000 followers can make an average of $88.0 per post. Those with under 100,000 followers can make upto $200.00 per post. Although this depends on and may vary account to account.

You must be thinking - How can a person get fame by just posting pictures and stuff? Here's your guide.

So, how can you strategize your content to be eye-catching and worth giving money to? Having a social media strategy for your Instagram is important if you are looking for making money off of it or becoming a public figure.

Here are a few important Instagram strategies:

  • CREATE A THEME: The first step is to create a profile that is aesthetic to the eyes of the viewer who visits your profile. Decide a color theme, pick a color palette and stick with it. Choose whether you want your feed to be bright, dark, contrasted, warm tones to cool tones and stick with it. People love consistent feed that will give them a satisfactory experience.
  • CHOOSE A TARGET GROUP AND USE HASHTAGS BASED ON YOUR PROFESSION: One of the most important social media strategies for any platform is the target audience. With Instagram having over 29.9 million users, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to find an audience that likes your content. You need to decide who your target audience is according to what you are going to sell.

For example- if you are someone who has dropped 100 pounds (45.36 kilograms) and you want to influence other people to live a healthy life. Your target audience is anyone who is trying to live a healthy life or lose weight and you decide your content based on that. Find out when your followers are active for a longer time on Instagram and post at that time to attract more audience.

Hashtags are the second most important thing to create traffic in your insights and help you reach a larger audience. Here you could use #fitness #weight #loss and attract people who are looking for weight loss tips or workout routines.

  • UNDERSTAND THE INSTAGRAM ALGORITHM IN DETAIL:  Instagram has added new features to the app including- stories, insights and more. This algorithm reorganizes every user’s feed in order for them to see more content that is relevant to them. Instagram cares about when you post which is why to keep popping up in someone’s explore page, you need to post on your feed and story regularly. Instagram prevents older posts from showing up on people’s feeds. By doing this, you let Instagram help you achieve your goal by sponsoring your posts.

The conclusion:

These platforms will always be there for us but our health and humanity is by us and for us. Live in real life pseudo-life on social platforms are temporary and short-lived, enjoy it and rejoice. When it comes to Instagram, the fastest way to gain likes and followers through,is by following the above three important steps. Understand the platform and users and wait for magic to happen to the numbers on your feed!

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