If you know these things about “Kaasi” movie, you can’t miss the movie online now

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Cast & Crew:

Star Cast: Vijay Antony, Anjali, Sunaina, ShilpaManjunath, AmrithaAiyer

Screenplay & Direction:KiruthigaUdhayanidhi

Music: Vijay Antony

Cinematography: Richard M. Nathan

Produced by: Fatima Vijay Antony on Vijay Antony Film Corporation


Vijay Antony is well known to the Telugu audience with his earlier movie Bicchagadu, a great success. The movie came with mother sentiment. Later, Vijay attempted many movies, but the response from Telugu audiences was low. Then Vijay Antony’s hit movie in Tamil Kaali dubbed as Kaasi into Telugu became a success. Vijay himself produced the movie. Let’s see the movie highlights, story, and reasons why to watch the film online in aha videos.


Vijay Antony, close to the Telugu audience with his film Bicchagadu, is going through a series of films. After that, he entertained with films like Betaludu, Yaman, and Indrasena, respectively. The movie that came after the split did not impress the audience much. Kashi was the next film to come out to the audience after these films.

The story of the movie is that Bharat (Vijay Antony) is a Doctor in New York City. The dreams of a mother haunt him. Like a bull, a big snake comes in an idea. In this sequence, he learns that the parents who grew him were not the ones who gave birth to him. He sets out to find out who his parents are. In the process, he learns that his mother died when he was a child and that his real name is Kashi. He then begins a search for his father, reaches Kancherlapalem in the background. There the Ayurvedic Doctor (Anjali) is introduced. Once again, with mother sentiment, ‌ what was the cause of his mother’s death? Did he finally meet his father? As a child, he was away from his parents under any circumstances. What problems did he face in the process of learning about his parents? Did Anjali, whom he met, accept love? The answer to these questions is the story of the movie Kashi. 

Top reasons why to watch “Kaasi” movie online:

The prime reason to watch the film online is that the movie Kaasi once again came with mother sentiment, which perfectly utilized Vijay Antony in his past with Bicchagadu.

After the success of the movie Bicchagadu, Vijay Antony formed a particular fan base in Tollywood. Vijay Antony’s films are believed to be carafe addresses to different films. The films Bhetaludu, Yaman, and Indrasena, which came in that order, left the audience disappointed. However, the craze for Vijay Antony has not abated. Later, he came with Kaasi with his well-worked mother sentiment, which again impressed the audience. Vijay Antony’s performance as a Kaasi is just excellent.

Anjali paired with Vijay Antony and appeared perfect. Her screen presence and glamour gave the audience refreshment. Amrita Ayer and SilpaManjunath also appeared as the female lead with Vijay; they also made good screen presence.

Vijay showed his multiple talents by giving terrific background music to Kaasi. His songs are also something good.

Action sequences are another asset to the movie; there was a new tempo in action sequences; it strengthened the film another level. 

Finally:  Kashi looks like an experiment with sub-stories with mother sentiment as the central theme. The movie will not get bored and gives a feel-good experience. So don’t miss it online.

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