Important things to know about  patio doors

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When looking for new doors and windows, many people first look around the Internet. Favourable offers beckon here, but the multitude of providers is hard to keep track of. If you are a layman, we would rather advise against buying the new patio door online, as the quality can hardly be verified.

Since you need a window fitter to install the patio enclosures in Elmsford, NY door anyway, we recommend that you buy the patio door directly on-site from a specialist company who will also take over the assembly later. This ensures professional installation and you have a contact person who you can turn to if you have any problems. We rather advise against doing your assembly, as thermal bridges can quickly arise here.

Material for patio doors

Frames of patio doors are made either from plastic, wood, aluminium or a combination of aluminium and wood. The choice of material mainly affects the price.Even with poor energy efficiency, a patio door can simply be additionally insulated, which is why the frame material only plays a greater role in exceptional situations from a technical point of view. The “feel-good factor” is much greater if someone would rather have a patio door made of wood than plastic. There are various sizes of doors available in the market.

Patio door materialdescription

Plastic patio doors are durable, easy to care for and inexpensive. However, the electrostatic charge on PVC frames can attract dust and dirt very quickly.

Wooden patio doors are excellent sound and heat insulation. However, wooden doors need a coating that has to be renewed again and again to be resistant to weather influences such as frost, UV light and moisture.

Aluminium doors are very stable, but also very expensive and not very energy efficient without special thermal insulation.

Wood-aluminum patio doorsthe properties of wood and aluminium are very expensive.

Energy-saving heat protection windows increase thermal insulation. However, an optimal result is only achieved when the rest of the house, especially the house facade, has been provided with appropriate insulation. To counteract the transmission of sound, we recommend installing soundproof glazing.

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