Know what is Default IP address?

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The use of router login IP is highly common and this is because this one is the most commonly used IP address. The IP address is to the entered in the address bar when you want to access the router’s setting. Now the question arises why would you want to login to the router? The users of the network and devices feel the need to use the router from time to time and the same is required when the users wish to change the default password when they want to troubleshoot the network problems, when they want to secure the network etc.  The use of router login IP is very common as it is the default IP address for the router manufacturer. The major brands which manufacture routers are D-link and Netgear and they both use the same as their default IP address.

You must check what your IP address is when you are planning on accessing the admin area. Do not require an active internet connection for checking what your default address is. The first step is to check the IP address which can be done by easily using your device. Go to the start button and click on it. Go to the search programs and files and type ‘RUN’ and hit enter from the keyboard. You might have to either hit the windows button or R button on the keyboard to start the application. A box will appear and you will have to click type ‘CMD’ in the box and click on ok. You can also click enter from the keyboard.  You will now see a box that will open on the screen type ipconfig and then check the line with Default Gateway- the number mentioned here is the IP address of your device.

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