Massage Techniques Used Today

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Massage therapy is defined as manipulation of the soft tissue. The massage therapy has got physiological, physical, as well as psychological effects, and will affect your body, mind, and spirit.

How does it Work?

During the massage in Napa, your soft tissue, comprising of tendons, muscles, skin, ligaments, organs, lymphatic vessels, or other connective tissue, will be manipulated in many different ways. It includes with the tension, pressure, vibration and motion all moving and stationary, structured and unstructured.

The massage strokes are applied with hands, fingers, soft fists, elbows, thumbs, forearms, or feet. There’re more than 80 known massage modalities and types of the massage. Most stated reasons to introduce massage as the therapeutic is because of client demand or perceived clinical effectiveness.

Types of Massage

During the massage, client will be positioned on either the massage table or the massage chair. This massage table will be well- padded for total comfort, and cleaned between the clients, and also has the padded head support that will allow for the right positioning of neck as well as simple breathing while client will be facedown. Massage chair will be well-padded, cleaned, as well as offers the padded shaped rest but client stays in the upright and sitting position. Generally, chair massage will be done for the shorter time from five to ten minutes and with client fully clothed.


The table massage session generally lasts between 30 to 90 mins with client partially or totally undressed under the sheet or blanket. Pillows and bolsters are been used to assist with the body positioning and add to comfort during this session. The massage tables or chairs are generally portable and easily setup anywhere.

The common massage therapy used is the Swedish massage and it is just referred as the “relaxation massage. The Swedish massage session typically is relaxing and gentle. This session generally consists of the long and smooth strokes with the kneading and circular movements, which work on superficial layers of your muscle. There’re many different types of the massage – like Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Neuromuscular Massage, Myofascial Tissue Release, Heated Stone Massage, as well as Prenatal Massage to name some of them. Every modality, and kind of massage, will be used for achieving various results or treat various conditions. Generally modalities are blended all together in just one session that will attain different results that are requested by their client. Goal of massage may determine what modalities that massage therapist can use.

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