Reduce product returns in eCommerce

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Each eCommerce website owner has to deal with the product returns. It has been found in the survey that near to thirty percent of product which is ordered online is returned by the customer. There is no way where anyone can completely eradicate the ecommerce return solutions but yes can try to reduce the product return. Below are few tactics which can help you.

  • When you are providing information about the product make sure that you clearly explain the product. It should be in such a way that the customer should get a fair idea about what he will receive.
  • Encourage your customers to rate the product and also to write the experience with the product so that the customer who is buying the product will be more confident. In this way, you will reduce the returns.
  • Another reason for the product return is the product picture. The customer looks at the picture and expects the same type including the color. So you must use high-resolution cameras to take the product picture so that it can solve the problem of color difference and also never edit the picture too much.
  • Mention the correct size of the product as it is also one of the reasons why the customer returns the product. If there is a chance provide the size chat along with product details. If the customer can find the correct size details on the website and receives the same then there is no reason of returning it.
  • One of the best ways to reduce the returns is asking the customer the reason for the return. It will help you to understand where you need to improve. You can also ask the customer to add some comments about returning.


Hope you will remember all the above-mentioned points and try to reduce the chance of returning the product from the customer.

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