Safari tailor-made vacations to discover your wild side

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When you are planning an excursion to the destination you are dreaming of in order to enjoy an incredible experience of wildlife outside the world, an individual safari vacation is what you need to satisfy your thirst. African vacations are the best in this respect thanks to the unique combination of culture, breathtaking scenery and the hospitable people they represent. The word “safari” in Swahili means an unforgettable trip, and it is this trip to the reserves on this continent! A holiday in Kenya’s Safari or a holiday in Tanzania’s Safari can only be your ticket to this unforgettable adventure, where you will be met by a variety of wild animals, landscapes and cultures!

Depending on the type of safari you have chosen, appropriate measures will be taken. Kenyan safari is known all over the world thanks to the Masai Mara Nature Reserve, where you can see lions, elephants, rhinos, zebras and other wild animals. The months from May to August are great for observing animals, and tourists head straight to experience the amazing custom-made safari vacation.

Penwell Safaris in Tanzania is undoubtedly also an ideal animal paradise, which guarantees the best opportunities for observing animals thanks to the vast expanses of natural landscapes inhabited by various species of wildlife. Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater allows wild animals to roam freely, and luxurious here are a great tourist attraction. Individual safari vacations can be planned with the help of numerous travel agencies that conduct excursions in this part of the world.

Custom Safari Holidays

Types of Custom Safari Holidays

* Luxurious safari vacations for those who want to experience wildlife with style and comfort. Here guests stay in luxurious rooms near hunting reserves.

* Family safaris that guarantee an exciting and fun holiday with children. Such safaris are obviously specifically designed to accommodate families with recreational opportunities.

* For those who want to travel by land, safaris are the best because here you can spend the night in the camp and watch the wildlife right in front of your eyes.

* The Masai Safari includes safaris in Kenya and Tanzania where you can see wildlife, including watching lions and rhinos.

* A walking safari where you will discover the landscape on foot and give you the thrill of adventure!

* Honeymoon Safari, where romance is intertwined with adventure and luxury, staying in the middle of a wild reserve.

It would be nice to remember some things when planning a vacation to order a safari. Choose a good tour operator who can give you practical guidance at every stage of work with all the details of logistics. You must be a good tour coordinator to take care of everything related to your vacation, such as a passport and visa, or to provide advice on health and packaging.

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