Shake off your Inconveniences of using Existing offices with Opie guide

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Rather than complex and colorful designs, 오피가이드 has revived its analog sensibility, focusing on comfortable designs with a clean interface with a comfortable design and a night out for everyone. It seeks the users’ convenience with a clean interface that can be used with a single click.

A Differentiated Community 

It is different from the existing community. The monthly event adds fun and makes community-based characteristics easy and convenient for users.

Everyone’s Night, Various Vendors & Reviews

Experience reviews with a variety of vendors on everyone’s night. New profiles and lots of studies that are updated daily give you a variety of runs. You will continue to research and work to revitalize the community.

Desktop Night interface

Black themes provide the highest contrast design for night themes. Sending messages to wish you a good day, a good evening, or a good night is now customary. It’s an excellent way to make the necessary peopleunderstand that you are thinking about them. In hectic everyday life, spending 5 seconds to send a message does not cost anything, and the result will be fantastic.

AI Interface


Artificial intelligence is undoubtedly one of the most prominent technological developments of the current era. Its systems determine the knowledge that flows to us, our work methods, and daily life. Like electricity flowing through the devices around us, AI has become a hidden engine from view behind many of the actions we perform every day. At the new AI imaginaries meeting, we will seek to observe the belief that the future of humanity is intertwined with artificial intelligence.


We will observe this faith as a process of reimagining through 오피가이드 (Opie guide), in which stories that disappear or are silenced in the dominant technological discourse are retweeted while providing a new interpretation. In this meeting, you will seek to undermine the reductive narrative of artificial intelligence, which describes western intelligence as uniform, the basis for a concept that encourages the accumulation of power or capital.

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