Shatter Weed: A Cannabis Extract

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People in the weed industry started to notice a change in the market. The pot smoker started smoking less and began dabbing more. They start to heat the cannabis plant oily extracts and inhale the high concentrations of THC. Extracts of this Cannabis Sativa plant comes in the names including honey, batter, dabs, wax, and shatter. These extracts were not that strong compared to the plant-based starting materials. Shatter, batter, and some of its names were more convenient to consume. Due to its portability and potency, the formerly cannabis oil goes wide, even buying online is possible. Recently, cannabis smokers have switched to consume shatter. These former smokers buy shatter online canada with a great sale and exciting special gifts and promos.

What is a shatter weed?

Cannabis smokers looking for a much heavy-hitting high fall on using shatter weed. It has a concentrate of 90-99% cannabinoid content. Today, cannabis has reached an abnormal potency level with THC that exceeds 20%. However, for experienced smokers and weed lovers who wanted to be adventurous, the trick doesn’t work. An extracted cannabinoid can produce what they called oil, shatter, dabs, and other terms are processed through a solvent called butane. The raw cannabis plant is processed using butane, which is soaked or blasted and heated to get rid of the solvent. The resulting product will be BHQ or butane hash oil, which is called shatter.

Shatter Weed: A Cannabis Extract

The name shatter comes from the result of the extract of cannabis once it gets dropped, it shatters. Now, many smokers or cannabis lovers have known about it. Most of them are shatter weed consumers who use to look for the product online. With the great demand for shatter, cannabis smokers are enjoying the product due to enough supply by the manufacturers.

Production of cannabis extracts

Now, extracts are extra popular than ever. Online dispensaries that employ the cannabis database to prepare their inventories and made available for the consumers. Dispensaries guarantee to have enough supply of weed extracts. They prepared extraction equipment and laboratory manufacturers with highly developed apparatuses for producing higher volume and safer production methods. Manufacturers of this cannabis extraction made a thorough calculation to produce the finest and high-quality weed shatter. The fact that the cannabis plant contained THC, there is a tendency that the user becomes dependent. Since the government allowed the use of cannabis with limited dosing, extracts of the plant must have a controlled usage.

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