Sleep is essential to our physical and intellectual health

A good night first allows you to rest and “recharge your batteries”. When you sleep, the body temperature drops and the energy expenditure decreases, allowing the body to idle and recover its strength. Visit this site for sleep apnea hong kong.

Our metabolism does not remain inactive for as much. He takes advantage of our deep sleep to make hormones, starting with the growth hormone that makes children grow and develops the muscles, bones, and cartilage of adults.

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Strengthen your immune system

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Moreover, it is no coincidence that, when we suffer from infections or inflammations, our body secretes hypnogenic substances that promote falling asleep. There is nothing like sleep to strengthen our natural defenses and help the immune system to respond.

Take care of your brain

But the biggest beneficiary of a good night’s rest remains the brain. Day and night, he never stops working and uses our sleep to strengthen our memory and encourage learning. In a way, it encourages neuronal circuits to “repeat” what they have learned in the waking. A simple test is convincing: learn a series of words and try to repeat it a few hours later. You will find that you will do a much better job the next morning.

Risk of accidents and obesity

Since sleep is a vital function, it is logical that its disturbances and disorders have a negative impact on our physical and mental health. After bad nights, we feel flaccid, deprived of energy and subject to drowsiness. This state of fatigue is a major cause of accidents – especially on the road where, according to the Swiss Accident Prevention Office, it is responsible for 10 to 20% of collisions.Lack of sleep also increases the risk of hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and even promotes obesity

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