Steam Removes Bed Bugs Completely

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Eliminating bed bugs can be quite difficult to treat at home. This can literally be a nightmare if the problem starts affecting businesses such as hotels, hospitals, cruises, and even airplanes. These are places that serve a wide variety of people. The only way to ensure that the bedding and upholstery these people use does not contain bed bugs is to use strict and consistent cleaning methods. Even with proper cleaning, guests can bring bed bugs. Therefore, hotels, resorts, cruises and other businesses must establish strict rules to eliminate bed bugs, gather more details at

Pesticide problem

Chemical insect sprays are required for all types of extermination, from eliminating bed bugs to exterminating ants and even killing cockroaches. The main problem with these aerosols is that, in fact, they are only a temporary solution. Just as people develop resistance to certain cold medicines, if they take them regularly, insects also develop resistance to aerosols. This means that after some time the insects can come back, and you will have to use a stronger chemical pesticide to eliminate them. This is problematic for several reasons.

Special kind of steam

Although it is true that steam is ideal for bed bug removal, it is important to buy the right type of bed bug evaporator. You need to invest in a steam cleaner that quickly reaches the optimum temperature to get rid of insects. A carpet steam cleaner that reaches temperatures up to 386ºF ensures that insects are destroyed in extreme heat. Bed bugs can be killed at lower temperatures, but temperatures up to 386ºF work faster and more efficiently, destroying pests of bed bugs. After all, speed and efficiency are key in any commercial environment. These high temperatures also kill eggs.

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