The Quiz and Record Keeping

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I’m going to make it clear from the beginning of this quiz that I’m not a psychologist or an official or anything. This is for fun. It is not for school. I’m making this quiz because I find it fun to see how others (or myself) do on quizzes that are basically questions about how we think. And I also thought it might be a fun thing to share with others.

The purpose of this quiz is to figure out how people can be from the same household and have the same parents and be very different. In other words, I want to see if there are any common misconceptions about how people think.

I’m going to start with some obvious questions. I’m not going to ask how old you were when you were born or your IQ or anything like that. I just want to know how you think.

quiz for fun

The reason I’m not going to ask about IQ is because I don’t think there’s an IQ test. I don’t think anyone has ever made an IQ test. I just think it’s not needed. The questions I’m going to ask are questions about how we think.

This quiz is going to take about 10 minutes. It’s going to be about a five question quiz. If you do not complete the harry potter quiz, you can keep going on to the next one.

But you will probably not be able to see your results. The reason is because you will probably not be able to see the answers. The reason for this is that this quiz is going to be used for fun, not for school. So, I’m going to write all the questions for you. They are going to be very easy.

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