Tips When Selecting Pallet Racks For Your Warehouse

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If you decide to use a pallet racking system in your warehouse, you must know how to choose the right one for your needs. There are so many pallet racks in Texas that are for sale, so you will not go out of options. All you need is to learn how to choose the correct pallet rack. To help you pick the right one, here are some tips for you.

Size and Weight of Pallet to be Stored

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The first thing that you need to determine would be the size of the pallet to be stored in your racks. You cannot get a rack that is too big or too small for your pallets. If you get a rack that is too spacious, it can take a lot of area in your warehouse. And you cannot go with a small rack as well for the obvious reasons. For you to get the size of the pallet, measure the depth, width, and the load of the pallet plus the pallet height. Other than the size, you should also identify the weight of your pallets. How heavy are they as well as the largest pallet you have in your warehouse.

Take the Right Measurements

You should take the measurements of the available space for your pallet rack. You should include the walls, doors, and ceiling height. Also, include the obstacles while taking the measurements. In order to make sure that you have the right pallet rack size,taking measurements is vital.

Have A Drawn Layout

You must know how the pallet racks would look like in your warehouse. So to have an idea, you can draw a layout of where you want to put the racks. You should have an efficient flow of materials throughout the warehouse. Make sure that you have enough space for your workers to move around.

Aisle Width Planning

Planning for enough space for aisle width is a must. Base it on the radius of your forklift. This way, you will have enough area for your forklift to move around when moving materials within your warehouse.

Pallet rack shelving is very common in many warehouses. Knowing the important factors to consider when buying pallet racks is vital. Having a pallet rack can be helpful, especially if you need to protect your products from damage. Doing so will not only get the best space saver for your warehouse, but you will also save on time, money, and effort.


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