Value of appropriate dress and behavior during the interview

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Clothing is a showcase of a man, especially a newly-met person. Therefore, to make a good first impression of the interview, you must dress properly. The basic rule regarding the outfit for the interview is its adaptation to the position to which the interview relates. Therefore, if it is a job interview in a bank, office, or corporation, it should be a business outfit. To get  good salary put your desired salary and get help

Good dress for an interview.

For men, it is a dark suit, white or blue shirt, tie and suit shoes. In turn, for women, it can be, for example, an elegant white blouse or shirt and a dark straight knee-length skirt, or over the knees. Shoes with covered toes and heel and low heels. If in doubt, remember  that it’s better to come too smartly than too little.

Appropriate behavior is another equally important issue at the interview, and the basis is smile and confidence. Proper behavior is an upright posture when entering the room, then a loud and clear greeting, and a firm handshake. Remember to have a gentle facial expression, frequent smiling, and eye contact with your interlocutors. The answers to the questions should be concise but specific. You have to find a golden mean between pouring water and casual answers that can be considered dismissive. Body language should indicate calmness and composure; it is worth refraining from nervous behaviors such as biting lips and restless movements of the hands.

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The biggest mistakes of candidates during the interview

Among the biggest mistakes, in addition to the previously mentioned unpreparedness, being late and inappropriate dress and behavior, is criticizing the former employer. Regardless of whether this criticism is justified, it does not inspire trust and puts the critic in a bad light. Therefore, the former workplace should be spoken of well or not at all, preferably focusing on acquired skills and experience.

It is worth remembering to turn off or mute the phone during the meeting; the ringing telephone may be considered disrespectful. Of course, you should also follow the basics of good manners and behave politely, do not look at the watch, do not chew gum. Many readers of this blog mentioned that when the interview was over – they didn’t thank the recruiters for it. I wrote about this good practice in the entry, about five things to do when the interview is over. If you don’t send a thank you message, you will lose a lot. Today I will show you how to take advantage of the opportunities offered by a short mail after an interview. If you care about work, you can’t help but use this simple and easy tool! Here are five rules for creating a message after a job interview:

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