Visa Credit Cards and Mastercard: Do they make Any Difference?

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Mastercard and Visa have a lot in common in the terms of daily spending; this makes not any difference on which logo comes on the credit card. As both of them are accepted widely worldwide, and benefits that actually matter the most to the card users are not determined by whether it is the Visa Gift card or Mastercard. Thus, when you are selecting the card, do not spend a lot of time ion worrying about logo. You need to focus on some other features.

Important things to know about Mastercard and Visa:

  • Bank that issues card matters more than payment network. The fees, interest rates, as well as rewards or perks on the credit card can be set by an issuing bank, like Wells Fargo, Citi, Capital One or the local community bank.
  • Mastercard and Visa do not actually issue and distribute the credit cards. But, they are the payment networks — and they process the payments between the banks or merchants for the credit purchases.
  • Visa & Mastercard both of them are accepted about everywhere, which takes the credit cards. And with just some exceptions, any place, which takes one, can take other.
  • Payment networks offer a few benefits. The benefits are substantive difference between the Visa and the Mastercard, however they are minor. Majority of what you will get with the card comes from issuer.


We will dive in these matters in a little more depth, however, if summary above is sufficient, you can:

  • Check out the best Mastercard cards and best Visa cards.
  • See best credit cards from issuers or networks.
  • Start at beginning with the guide to selecting the top credit card.

Both the cards are nearly accepted by everywhere

About each merchant that accepts the credit cards takes Mastercard and Visa. That is true not just in U.S., but internationally, where the acceptance is much lower for the gift card, two other large payment networks. There are some exceptions to near-universal acceptance for Visa & Mastercard. Usually, they will occur when merchant has the exclusive deal with a payment network. Most likely the known arrangement is wholesale clubs that accept just Visa cards


Payment networks needs merchants to follow the rule named as “honor all cards.” And what it means if merchant takes Visa, it should take all the Visa cards; in case it takes the Mastercard, it should take all the Mastercard cards.

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